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Are you an expat who lives in Haarlem, and looking for a personal trainer or gym that provides high-quality personal training services? Then allow me to introduce you to Best in You PT: a private gym located in the city centre, where both locals and expats can get the best physical training and lifestyle coaching, tailored to their own personal goals and needs!


Best in You: the private gym and personal trainer for expats in Haarlem

Whether you are young or old, deconditioned or already in shape: if you are serious about your health goals, you are welcome at Best in You. At this private gym you can follow different forms of training, from personal to small group training to boxing – but always under the guidance of me, your personal trainer, and with the focus on you, as an individual. Your training will be fully personalized, no matter the setting. 

And: there are English instructions available! So if you can’t speak Dutch to save your life (yet), at least you will be able to get through your workout. The past 10 years Best in You has been a second home (their words, not mine!) for expats from different countries. Clients came from Slovakia, Greece, Brazil, the UK, Costa Rica, and China, to name a few. If you want to read some of these experiences, check out the testimonial page for some English stories.

So what does Best in You Haarlem provide, exactly?


Personal Training

At Best in You, you can follow 30 or 60 minute PT sessions. Either on your own (1-on-1) or with a friend, partner or family member. Personal training sessions will be by appointment. This means that you can pick a day and time that fits your schedule. And you will be there with no other people around you: Best in You is a private gym, so you’ll have the gym to yourself!

In addition to having your personal trainer there with you to both watch and motivate you during the session, your training program will be fully individualized. Your exercise selection will be based on your goals, physical capabilities, lifestyle and personality. The more personalized your training program, the better your results will be!

In addition to personal training, Best in You also provides nutrition and lifestyle coaching. This is based on the Precision Nutrition method.


Personal trainer expats haarlem


Small Group Training

Do you like the idea of personalized training, but do you have a smaller budget? Or are you a ‘social creature’ that likes the dynamics of a group class or wants to meet new people (perhaps even other expats)? Then the small group training could be exactly what you are looking for.

The Best in You Small Group Training is different from a CrossFit or Bootcamp class. ‘Small group’ means a maximum of 4 people per session. This to guarantee the proper amount of personal attention. The training is – again – personalized. You will have your own training program, based on your goals and needs. But you will do exercises in the company of 3 other people. You will be working out on your own level, so don’t worry about not being able to ‘hang’ with the others. You are training for yourself, but in good company! And: at a lower price than the regular 1-on-1 sessions.

At this moment there are more than 15 small group sessions available throughout the week. You can find the schedule here:


Small Group Boxing

Are you interested in learning ‘the sweet science’, but are you a bit worried about leaving the boxing gym with black eyes? On Thursday evenings at 20:30 you can join the Best in You boxing class. In this class you will work up a good sweat and learn technically sound boxing skills, but without the sparring. Max group size for this class is 8, to again ensure proper personal attention for all the participants. A trial class is free! 


So, are you looking for a personal trainer for expats in Haarlem? And you want to know more about me or my services? Free to shoot me a message. And then perhaps I’ll see you at the studio!

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