‘Everyday person, doing extraordinary things’

Robin has been my personal trainer since May 2011 and I can say that he is a truly excellent trainer. His professionalism with extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment provides perfect scenario for "success story" and it sets foundation for a new you. He also provides you with the necessary nutritional info to guide you along the way and to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with no risk of injury. He will make each workout challenging and fun, with creative individual exercise programs and yet achievable goal settings, but most importantly comfortable atmosphere which is a great stress reliever.

The biggest booster to my confidence was loosing weight of 30.6kg in half a year, and one year later (may 2012) to be able to run my first 10K ever, with just under one hour time. I love the way I feel now... so much stronger and energized, more flexible and healthier than ever before, with better balance. But it doesn't just help with your fitness level. Seeing improvements will motivate you in other areas of your life too... Once you retrain your mind, the body will just follow the passion. Every day was demanding, but I was very committed and I always looked forward to every session.

I am so thankful and extremely proud of my achievements, as well as the fact that I became an inspiration and a good example for the others. So, if you are serious about changing your life for the better and forever, Robin will lead you every step of the way!

-Alena Sulak